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John Jia En CHUA

Shaping Neuronal Networks by FEZ1-mediated trafficking

The myriad functions of the human brain is endowed by its networks of neurons. During brain development, neuronal projections sent out by billions of neurons navigate, with help from guidance cues, to target neurons and form trillions of synaptic connections to establish neuronal networks. Molecular motors of the Kinesin superfamily and their adapters play critical roles in supporting the growth and maturation of these networks by delivering essential biological materials to extending neuronal projections and developing synapses. We previously uncovered FEZ1 as a Kinesin-1 adapter involved in the delivery of synaptic cargoes. I will share how our recent findings have shed further light on the adapter’s involvement in shaping the development of central and peripheral neuronal networks, and how perturbation of its function contributes to neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders.